Biographie Autorisée en anglais de Barlach Heuer par Engelbert Broich : Mai 2010

BARLACH HEUER Born 1930 (Elmshorn, near Hamburg) lives in Paris

1944-1948 Apprenticeship as a joiner, took his examination to become a journeyman

From 1949 Studied in the Graphics Faculty of the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg

1952 Moved to France Heuer considers himself to be an " artist and artisan ".

His oeuvre mainly comprises monotypes, woodcuts and lino cuts. Drawing and painting is usually done by wait of preparation. As part of the acquisition process Heuer wants to illustrate the world, the trivial exterior and the interior in a new way, not imitate it. He takes as his allegorical theme the " timeless infinity " of creation, using lyrical floral or organic shapes in mystical landscapes, using figure and ornamentation. Many of these effective motifs come about as part of a multi-phase process. The composition gradually takes shape through the enhancement, change, variation and supplementation of colour and form. Heuer creates the most wide-ranging colour tones. His immensely nuanced colour schemes have an amazing shimmering attraction, conveying " infinite " spatial depths. An important aspect of Heuer's philosophy and work is occasional direct cooperation with an artist friend, working partnership to achieve synthesis in a piece. Heuer is a passionate collector of Art Nouveau and Art Deco objects and is a distinct connoisseur in this field.

Engelbert Broich Mai 2010 from " Kunst-Sammlung KROHNE "

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